About Engraved Jewellery

Have you ever wondered how the engraved jewellery is made? Which techniques are used in it? And what is the difference between the vintage and antique jewellery? The history tells us that the engraving was a technique that was used since the ancient times and it was mainly used to decorate the things in the household. But later that technique was used in the jewellery production where the jewels were decorated in different names. Everything could be engraved in them, so people started experimenting with it. Another reason for engraving was to keep record of the history. Since the time flies very fast, the jewellery techniques and the designs could fade within time. In order to keep them in our memory and cultural heritage, engravers have decided to use these techniques in the jewellery industry as well.

What is the difference between the vintage and antique?

If you have been reading about the engraved jewellery before, you can see that if a jewel is made 100 years before, it is considered to be antique. There are a lot of engagement rings that belong in this category, since they are from 1915-1917. All the rings are from the Edwardian and Victorian period or from the 19th century. The antique engagement rings are part of the history and special care needs to be taken for them in order to keep them in the present shape, since they are very delicate. If you provide the needed care for the antique jewellery, the can last with decades.

Vintage jewellery

When one ring or jewel is owned previously, but it was made anytime in the last 100 years from now, it is considered to be vintage. The vintage rings are those that are 20-30 years old, but less than 100 years, so the most of these rings belong to the modern, retro and art deco eras. The vintage design was inspired from the antique period, in order to look antique, but still to be in vintage style, so most of the new brands have never been owned before by anyone, so it is quite difficult to see the difference.

The jewellery in different periods

The jewellery from the Georgian period is very rare, because most of the antique engraved jewellery that is found from that period is being modified or takes parts of the trends that we have these days. Most of the jewels are handmade and the use of silver and gold is the most common. Since the gold was very expensive in the period, the Georgians used the silver and other easily-manageable metals. The engraved jewels were made in order to suit the stones, so different cuts and designs were employed at the time. Diamonds and other gemstones were usually used in the designing and production process, so different stones with different sizes were implemented.

The engraved jewels in the Victorian period

This period was named after the Queen Victoria who has inherited the throne in England at 18 years old. She loved the jewellery and the fashion, and a lot of jewels were made exclusively for her. The jewellery was inspired by her, who was young and beautiful and also materialistic, so a lot of the engraved jewels that we know today belong at that period.