Engraved Handprint

Engraved Handprint
Our engraved handprint jewellery is the perfect way to capture a moment in time. Crafted from the finest materials, including gold, silver, and platinum, each piece is personalised with your loved one's handprint. Choose from a range of styles, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets, and keep your loved one close to your heart forever.
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Engraved Dog Tag Baby Birth Info Necklace - 2 Pendants

This elegant sterling silver necklace comes with two dog tags: a larger one measuring 3cm x 1.7cm an..

£152.69 Ex Tax: £152.69

Sterling Silver Hand and Footprint Oval Charm Jewellery

Capture a precious moment in time with this sterling silver charm; the perfect keepsake to treasure ..

£41.64 Ex Tax: £41.64

Silver Hand and Footprint Necklace with Moon and Star Charm

Preserve that special moment for that special lady with a sterling silver moon and star necklace. Pe..

£70.78 Ex Tax: £70.78

Handprint Footprint Chains Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This stunning sterling silver butterfly necklace is the perfect gift for the special someone in your..

£60.67 Ex Tax: £60.67

925 Sterling Silver Foot or Handprint Tear-Drop Pendant

Preserve a lifetime’s worth of memories with this solid silver teardrop pendant that can capture you..

£40.45 Ex Tax: £40.45

Personalised Butterfly Handprint Necklace with Custom Engraving

A beautiful and delicate sterling silver engraved butterfly necklaces featuring prints from your lov..

£50.56 Ex Tax: £50.56

Mens Tag Necklace 3 Piece Footprint Design

For those looking for the perfect diamond jewellery to fit their budget, there are now diamond tags ..

£117.78 Ex Tax: £117.78

Customised Engraved Dog Tag - Your Text Here

This stylish sterling silver dog tag is the perfect accessory for someone born in a multiple birthst..

£82.09 Ex Tax: £82.09

Double 925 Sterling Silver Hand/Foot Print Dogtags

Capture and treasure special moments forever with this solid silver dogtag. It's perfect for display..

£50.56 Ex Tax: £50.56

Sterling Silver Heart Handprint Necklace - Cut Out Design

This lovely sterling silver handprint necklace will make the perfect memento for you or a loved one-..

£60.67 Ex Tax: £60.67

Personalised Mens Footprint Tag Necklace

This jewellery features a footprint tag that measures 1.1cm x 3.5cm x 0.2cm and a personalised tag o..

£64.72 Ex Tax: £64.72

Silver Heart Charm Necklace with Hand/Footprint Design - 925 Sterling Silver

For a timeless and personalised piece, this solid silver charm is perfect for capturing a precious h..

£41.64 Ex Tax: £41.64

Personalised Mens Dog Tag Necklace w/ 2 Pendants - Handprint & Footprint Design

This necklace provides two pendants, giving you the option of having two pairs of hand or foot print..

£120.33 Ex Tax: £120.33

Sterling Silver Handprint and Footprint Circle Pendant

Keep a special memory forever with this solid silver circle pendant. This exquisite piece can be eng..

£40.45 Ex Tax: £40.45

Personalised Kids Handprint Pendant Necklace with Engraving

This beautiful necklace features two sterling silver discs, each engraved with two prints and two na..

£40.45 Ex Tax: £40.45

Hand/Footprint Star Pendant Necklace in 925 Sterling Silver

Capture a special moment destined to last forever with this solid silver Star pendant. Have up to 7 ..

£40.45 Ex Tax: £40.45

Men's Double Footprint Tag Pendant Necklace

This charming sterling silver necklace holds two pendants of different sizes: a large one measuring ..

£105.88 Ex Tax: £105.88

Sterling Silver Hand and Footprint Double Heart Cascade Pendant

These solid silver cascading heart pendants can capture two hand or foot prints, each with a maximum..

£80.90 Ex Tax: £80.90

Personalised Mens Handprint or Footprint Necklace

This beautiful solid sterling silver necklace measures 2.2cm by 2.3cm (approx) and 1.2mm in thicknes..

£115.28 Ex Tax: £115.28

Personalised Handprint/Footprint Sterling Silver Engraved Disc Necklace Gift

Elevate your token of affection with these solid silver cascading heart pendants, where three hand o..

£47.59 Ex Tax: £47.59

Custom Engraved Dog Tag with Hand and Foot Prints

This large dog-tag measures 3cm x 1.7cm, making it an ideal piece to add to a jewellery collection w..

£90.00 Ex Tax: £90.00