Jewellery Set

Jewellery Set
Complete your look with our collection of jewellery sets, which include a variety of matching pieces designed to complement each other perfectly. With a range of styles and designs to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect set to suit your personal style and taste.
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18ct Gold Plated Couple Necklace Set: "He Who Holds the Key

This stylish Name Necklace/Love Necklace set is made from 925 silver with a single hook Rolo chain. ..

£56.62 Ex Tax: £56.62

Personalised Couples Dog Tag Necklace Set with Heart Cut Out

A stylish and meaningful gift for a couple - this romantic necklace set is crafted from 925 silver a..

£49.54 Ex Tax: £49.54

Two-Piece Couple Necklace Set with Key & Heart Pendants

For the couple who are looking to express their love for each other and let the world know, the Key ..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Custom Dog Tag Necklace Set - Silver Stolen Heart Design

All of our products are handcrafted and hand cut from the start, made with our own Sterling Silver m..

£69.77 Ex Tax: £69.77

Customised 3-Tone Bangle Bracelet Collection

Get the perfect accessory to any outfit with these beautiful tricoloured bangles! This set of 3 incl..

£120.13 Ex Tax: £120.13

Personalised 18ct Gold Plated Mother and Child Necklace Set

This gorgeous two-piece sterling silver necklace set is the perfect way to express and commemorate t..

£75.84 Ex Tax: £75.84

3-Piece Engraved Necklace Gift Set For Mom & Daughter - Personalised Message

The love between a mother and daughter is forever, and it can be easily seen with the Mother Daughte..

£101.02 Ex Tax: £101.02

Stylish Couples Necklaces with Two Hearts Beating As One - Perfect for a Special Occasion

Shine a light on your beautiful bond with this stylish pair of sterling silver dog tag necklaces. Em..

£141.57 Ex Tax: £141.57

Personalised Name Pendant Set - Key to Your Heart Gift for Couples

Our Name Necklace/Love Necklace with Single Hook and Box Chain is crafted with 925 Silver and is ide..

£44.69 Ex Tax: £44.69

Personalised "Key to My Heart" Gold Couple Name Pendant Necklaces

Look no further for the perfect Valentines Day Gift! Our 'Key to My Heart' Necklaces Set is a unique..

£54.80 Ex Tax: £54.80

Mother Daughter Necklace Set - Unique Gift for Mums"

Mothers and daughters share a very unique bond that can never be broken. Show your special bond with..

£65.73 Ex Tax: £65.73

Personalised Cut Out Heart Dog Tag Couple Necklace

Do you have someone's heart? Do you want to show off your best friend forever? Then do it with our C..

£55.11 Ex Tax: £55.11

Personalised Yin Yang Necklace Set with Name and Birthstone - Perfect Gift for Him and Her

Whether you're looking for the perfect timeless and meaningful jewellery gift for your loved one or ..

£46.51 Ex Tax: £46.51

Mom & Daughter Matching Heart Necklace Set

Mums and daughters have a very powerful bond, and the Mother and Daughter Cut Out Heart Necklace Set..

£60.57 Ex Tax: £60.57

Stylish Silver Comfort Fit Wedding Ring Set

3mm wide ring 4mm wide ring   1. Ring size comparison in different countries (Conversion Table)..

£169.88 Ex Tax: £169.88

Sterling Silver Angel Wing Necklace - 2 Pc Set

Finding the perfect best friends necklace can be a challenge. This Set of Two Sterling Silver Angel ..

£49.55 Ex Tax: £49.55

Heart Fingerprint Pendant Necklace Set - Perfect Gift for Couples

This Fingerprint Ingot, crafted from 925 sterling silver, measures approximately 4.3cm by 8mm wide a..

£117.78 Ex Tax: £117.78

18ct Gold Plated Double Heart Friend Couple Necklace Set

This exquisite Name Necklace/Love Necklace is handcrafted with 925 Silver and features a breakable h..

£46.71 Ex Tax: £46.71

18ct Gold Plated Angel Wings Couple Necklace Set

This custom-made necklace set is the perfect way to show your significant other your everlasting lov..

£51.36 Ex Tax: £51.36

Mom & Daughter Bar Necklace Set - Gift for Mothers & Daughters

Bar Necklaces are always fashionable and now mums and daughters can share this trend with the Bar Ne..

£75.74 Ex Tax: £75.74

Cute His & Her Angel Wing Pendant Necklace Set in Silver

This beautiful set of Personalised Angel Wings Charm Name Necklaces is made from sterling silver, an..

£45.90 Ex Tax: £45.90

Personalised His and Hers Couples Necklace With Custom Engraving

The Engraved His and Hers Necklace for Couples is the perfect way to show someone how much you care ..

£65.63 Ex Tax: £65.63

Personalised Yin Yang Couples Necklace with Engraved Message

According to Chinese philosophy, the yin and yang represent light and shadow, complimentary forces w..

£71.59 Ex Tax: £71.59

18ct Gold Diamond Ring Set - Precious Jewellery

Band width: 3mm Diamond diameter: 1.5mm Whilst these rings are shown as in stock, all of our rings a..

£465.15 Ex Tax: £465.15

Luxury 18ct Gold His and Hers Hammered Wedding Rings Set

Lady's Ring - 4mm x 2mm; Man's Ring - 6mm x 2mm   1. Ring size comparison in different ..

£1,011.20 Ex Tax: £1,011.20

Custom Mom & Daughter Three-Tone Bracelet Set

Get your little one the perfect symbol of motherly love with this 3 Tone Interlinked Bangle, perfect..

£130.45 Ex Tax: £130.45

Personalised Open Heart Necklace & Bracelet Name Jewellery Set

Let her know your love and cherish the most special person in your life with this exquisite Love Nec..

£65.82 Ex Tax: £65.82

Customised Silver Delicate Heart Pendant Jewellery

Share your love with this Sterling Silver heart pendant (0.925)! This Couples Broken Heart Necklace ..

£70.68 Ex Tax: £70.68

Sterling Silver Couples Heart Necklace - Breakable

Wear one half of the Silver Couples Breakable Heart Necklace and give the other half to the person w..

£69.77 Ex Tax: £69.77

Pair of Necklace Jewellery for Women or Men

These beautiful, vibrant pendants measure approximately 35mm by 12mm and are usually treated to impr..

£70.78 Ex Tax: £70.78

Personalised Mother and Daughter Necklace Set - Engraved Name in Sterling Silver

At the same time, you can pass on the message of love through our stylish and elegant sterling silve..

£65.73 Ex Tax: £65.73

Personalised Engraved Name Open Heart Love Necklace Bracelet

This beautiful Love Necklace and Carrie Name Necklace is meticulously crafted with a thickness of 1...

£76.03 Ex Tax: £76.03

18ct Gold Plated Yin Yang Necklace Set for Couples or Friends

This YIN YANG Necklace will bring balance and luck to its wearer! Featuring a Double Hook and Rolo C..

£67.94 Ex Tax: £67.94