Personalised Bracelets

Our personalised bracelets are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Crafted from the finest materials, including gold, silver, and platinum, each bracelet is personalised with your own initials, names, or special dates. Choose from a variety of styles, including classic, modern, and contemporary designs, and wear them alone or stacked with other bracelets for a bold and statement-making look. Our personalised bracelets are the perfect gift for yourself or someone special in your life.
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Customisable Double-Heart Stone Infinity Bracelet

Our exquisite range of handmade personalised bracelets, bangles and anklets make perfect gifts for t..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Customised 3 Heart Infinity Bangle Bracelet

Our custom-made bracelets, bangles and anklets are lovingly crafted with attention to detail, so eac..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Custom Elephant Charm Bracelet - Customised Jewellery Gift

Our Lucky Elephant Bracelet is the perfect way to show your loved ones that you care. Crafted with s..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Customised Crystal Infinity Bracelet/Anklet - 18ct Gold Plated

Treat yourself or a friend to this classic and timeless piece of jewellery! It is 1.2mm and solid, f..

£55.62 Ex Tax: £55.62

Sterling Silver Engraved Personalised Infinity Bracelet/Anklet

Take a look at this wonderful Sterling Silver Engraved Infinity Bracelet. You can get any name you w..

£24.27 Ex Tax: £24.27

Luxury Name Jewellery Necklace with Feather Pendant

Our beautifully crafted Sterling Silver Feather Pendant comes on either a 16" or 18" medium weight s..

£100.11 Ex Tax: £100.11

Silver Butterfly Cut Out Bracelet Anklet Jewellery

If you have a fondness for butterflies, the Cut Out Butterfly Bracelet will be right up your street...

£30.24 Ex Tax: £30.24

Sterling Silver Birthstone Infinity Bracelet with Accents

Each of our personalised bracelets, bangles, and anklets are stylishly crafted by our team of talent..

£63.70 Ex Tax: £63.70

Customisable Two Names Infinity Bracelet

Behold! Our exquisite "Twosome" Infinity Ring, crafted with the utmost precision and detail to portr..

£48.53 Ex Tax: £48.53

Customised 3-Tone Bangle Bracelet Collection

Get the perfect accessory to any outfit with these beautiful tricoloured bangles! This set of 3 incl..

£120.13 Ex Tax: £120.13

Custom Engraved Silver Bangle Bracelet with Charms

At our store, we strive to create truly unique pieces of jewellery - each of our personalised bracel..

£40.03 Ex Tax: £40.03

Personalised Rose Gold Plated Crystal Infinity Bracelet/Anklet

Upgrade your everyday look with this classic and timeless bracelet! Crafted with strength and durabi..

£49.55 Ex Tax: £49.55

Customised Sterling Silver Snake Chain Bracelet with 1.5" Extender

Create an unforgettable piece of jewellery just for you! Our designers, experts from across Europe a..

£40.03 Ex Tax: £40.03

Stainless Steel Double Heart Charm Promise Bracelet with Arrow and Two Heart Stones

Show off your beautiful style with this personalised promise bracelet. Crafted with care and quality..

£75.83 Ex Tax: £75.83

Custom Engraved Latitude Longitude Bracelet

Crafted from 925 sterling silver with a thickness of 1.2mm/0.047” and a bracelet perimeter of 15-20c..

£59.93 Ex Tax: £59.93

18ct Gold Plated Monogram Bracelet for Celebrities

Satiate your fashionable cravings with this beautiful celebrity Monogram Bracelet. Crafted with high..

£70.77 Ex Tax: £70.77

Personalised Star of David Filigree Bracelet - Custom Jewellery Gift

Show your style with a signature personalised bracelet crafted by our team of expert designers and a..

£65.51 Ex Tax: £65.51

Personalised Gold Plated Silver Three-Initial Heart Monogram Bracelet

Mom's Gift - Monogram Bracelets, crafted with 925 Silver, brighten your special day. Available in a ..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Custom Engraved Classic Infinity Bracelet/Anklet in 18K Rose Gold Plated

Make your wardrobe timeless and complete with this spectacular bracelet! Combining classic gold tone..

£45.50 Ex Tax: £45.50

Customised Engraved ID Tag with Birthstone Bracelet for Teens

Crafted from 925 Silver, this personalised Name Bracelet embellished with two birthstones is an idea..

£33.97 Ex Tax: £33.97

Stylish Round Stone Bracelet - Discover the Power of the Universe

Our gorgeous personalised bracelets, bangles and anklets are lovingly handmade with stone centers th..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Personalised Tree Bracelet 18ct Gold Plated - Customised Gifts

All of our pieces are handmade and hand-cut from the beginning. We use only our own Sterling Silver ..

£45.50 Ex Tax: £45.50

Custom Horizontal Hamsa Bracelet - Unique Jewellery Gift

Our team of expert designers, recruited from fashion hubs all over the world, lovingly craft beautif..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Silver Tree of Life Filigree Bracelet - Elegant Jewellery Gift

Show off your family with our beautiful Silver Tree of Life Bracelet - Filigree Style! The bracelet ..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Personalised Pink Swear Bracelet -customisable jewellery - Making Promises

Show off your love and commitment with our personalised handcrafted promise bracelet. Featuring two ..

£72.79 Ex Tax: £72.79

Custom Engraved Roman Numeral 18K Gold Plated Bracelet

This personalised Name Bracelet is crafted from 925 Silver with a thickness of 1.2mm/0.047” and has ..

£69.15 Ex Tax: £69.15

Sterling Silver Cut Out Mum Bracelet/Anklet

The Cut Out Kid's Bracelet in Silver is the perfect gift for Mum - a beautiful engraved bracelet whi..

£33.27 Ex Tax: £33.27

Custom Birthstone Charm Name Bracelet 925 Sterling Silver

This personalised name bracelet is a timeless piece to give as a one of a kind gift to a special som..

£36.39 Ex Tax: £36.39

Personalised Sterling Silver Carrie Name Bracelet - Customisable Jewellery Gift

Personalize your style with this gorgeous Sterling Silver Carrie Name Bracelet. It features a unique..

£30.33 Ex Tax: £30.33

Customised Two-Heart Infinity Bangle Bracelet

We are delighted to present an exquisite array of handcrafted personalised bracelets, bangles and an..

£42.46 Ex Tax: £42.46

Personalised Embedded Heart Bracelet with 1-8 Stones

Taking the utmost pride in our production of personalised adornments, our team of expert designers h..

£111.23 Ex Tax: £111.23

Sterling Silver Heart Promise Bracelet w/ 2 Stones Interlocking Design

Crafted to a high standard, this Interlocking Heart Promise bracelet is sure to convey your strong c..

£83.72 Ex Tax: £83.72

Personalised Dream Catcher Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Dreamcatchers have been a source of spiritual protection for generations and now you can wear one on..

£72.79 Ex Tax: £72.79

Custom Birthstone Name Bracelet for Women, 18K Gold-Plated

Add a touch of charm and glamour to your jewellery box with this delightful Name Bracelet. Crafted w..

£43.38 Ex Tax: £43.38

Personalised Sterling Silver Double Heart Infinity Bracelet with Accents

Here at [brand], we are proud to create beautiful, personalised bracelets, bangles, and anklets for ..

£69.76 Ex Tax: £69.76

Infinity Promise Bracelet 2 Heart Charms - Romantic Gift for Her & Him

We've lovingly crafted the perfect personalised jewellery for you - our bracelets, bangles and ankle..

£63.70 Ex Tax: £63.70

Personalised Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet/Anklet

This beautiful Monogram Disc Pendant has a fun and flashy scripted font and can be personalised with..

£38.43 Ex Tax: £38.43

Sterling Silver Heart Clover Bracelet with 4 Leaves

We have a wide array of handcrafted bracelets and bangles, personalised to fit your exact specificat..

£91.00 Ex Tax: £91.00

Rose Gold Monogrammed Handwritten Cuff Bracelet Bangle

Presenting a unique item, this Monogram Cuff Bracelet with Hand Writing Rose Gold boasts all letters..

£60.66 Ex Tax: £60.66

Customisable Arrow Bracelet with Gemstones

At [Company Name], we create handmade bracelets, bangles and anklets that are tailored to your style..

£63.70 Ex Tax: £63.70

Customizeable Freshwater Pearl Bracelet w/ Silver Clasp

Adorn your special someone with an exquisite personalised bracelet available in range of sizes. Hand..

£40.03 Ex Tax: £40.03

Custom Opposites Attract Bracelet - Personalised Jewellery Gift

Our stunning personalised bracelets, bangles, and anklets are intricately crafted by experienced des..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Personalised Infinity Name Bracelet/Anklet - Sterling Silver Jewellery

Crafted with the utmost care, all of our jewellery is hand-cut and handcrafted from scratch using ou..

£39.44 Ex Tax: £39.44

Personalised 18ct Gold Plated Monogram Heart Charm Bracelets

This stylish Name Bracelet has a thickness of 1.2mm/0.047", a pendant size of 1.8*1.5CM(0.72*0.6INCH..

£40.44 Ex Tax: £40.44

Beautiful Disc Name Bracelet/Anklet - Perfect Gift for Mum

Looking for the perfect present for mum? Here is something she is sure to love - the Special Gift fo..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Engraved Sterling Silver Angel Wing Bracelet - Personalised Gift

All our pieces are lovingly handcrafted with care to an incredibly high standard - constructed with ..

£45.50 Ex Tax: £45.50

Custom Engraved "She Believed She Could" Inspirational Bangle, 18ct Gold Plated

Handcrafted jewellery is meant to catch the eye and capture the heart--our pieces strive to do just ..

£71.59 Ex Tax: £71.59

Personalised 18ct Rose Gold Plated Hand Drawn Monogrammed Bracelet - 1.6 Inch

This stylish Name Bracelet is perfect for Moms as a gift, with a pendant size of 4cm/1.6" and materi..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Custom Silver Hand Painted Monogram Bangle Bracelet

Make Mom feel special and unique with this personalised Monogram Bangle Bracelet, beautifully crafte..

£76.44 Ex Tax: £76.44

Custom Engraved Love Knot Bracelet

Our Love Knot bracelet is the perfect way to show the connection between two people. Crafted with th..

£50.95 Ex Tax: £50.95

Custom Silver Vertical Engraved Bracelet or Anklet

This My Tree Bracelet is an elegant and endearing gift, lovingly handcrafted and hand cut from scrat..

£39.44 Ex Tax: £39.44

Personalised 18ct Gold Plated 8mm Endless Bangle

Our jewellery creations are lovingly created with 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold or 18ct Rose Gold, ..

£59.46 Ex Tax: £59.46

Personalised Rose Gold Plated Silver Monogram Bracelet

This gorgeous name bracelet is just the item to add a special touch to your look. Crafted with 925 s..

£31.34 Ex Tax: £31.34

Custom "Love Spell" Bracelet - Unique Personalised Jewellery

Express your affections with this exquisite Love Spell bracelet, intricately hand-crafted by talente..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Small Monogram Block Bracelet/Anklet for Women

Have fun and look dainty with the Xtra Small Block Monogram Bracelet - made from 0.925 Sterling Silv..

£27.30 Ex Tax: £27.30

18K Gold-Plated Silver Name Bracelet/Anklet with "Carrie" Engraving

Get a personalised name bracelet made of 18ct Gold-plated double thick solid Sterling Silver (0.925)..

£45.40 Ex Tax: £45.40

Sterling Silver Personalised Initials Bracelet /Anklet

Initials bracelets are a trendy new type of Monogram jewellery. With up to three letters per pendant..

£29.32 Ex Tax: £29.32

Sterling Silver Double Heart Bracelet with Two Gemstones

Show your love and commitment with one of our unique, handcrafted bracelets. Our expert designers, r..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Custom Engraved Roman Numeral Date Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

This exquisite Name Bracelet is made from 925 Silver and is 1.2mm in thickness. It has an adjustable..

£67.94 Ex Tax: £67.94

Customised 8mm Rose Gold Endless Bangle

Our handcrafted range of jewellery, created from 925 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold and 18ct Rose Gold, ..

£59.46 Ex Tax: £59.46

Custom Engraved Heart Shaped 'Ahava' Bracelet

The attention to detail in our handcrafted personalised bracelets, bangles and anklets is second-to-..

£42.46 Ex Tax: £42.46

Customisable Classic Infinity Loop Bracelet

Our classic infinity bracelet (Height: 9mm, Length: 21mm, Thickness: 1.7mm, Length: 16.5cm - 19cm) i..

£50.95 Ex Tax: £50.95

Personalised Infinity Bracelet with Single Name Plaque or Tag

We take pride in producing excellent custom-made bracelets, bangles and anklets that you will love. ..

£60.66 Ex Tax: £60.66

18ct Gold Plated Handwritten Monogram Cuff Bracelet

This beautiful Monogram Cuff Bracelet is made from premium 925 Silver and features a hand-written 18..

£58.84 Ex Tax: £58.84

Custom Engraved Monogram Silver Bracelet for Women

This sophisticated sterling silver bracelet with an engravable monogram charm is an ideal Valentine'..

£31.84 Ex Tax: £31.84

Custom Engraved Name Infinity Bracelet or Anklet - 18K Gold Plated

Our pieces are crafted with care and skill, with 1.2mm of solid, strong Sterling Silver and 18ct gol..

£49.55 Ex Tax: £49.55

Sterling Silver Mum Charm Bracelet/Anklet

Take your kids with you wherever you go with our beautiful Charm Bracelet for Mum! Mothers can show ..

£35.29 Ex Tax: £35.29

Sterling Silver Cross Bracelet with Cubic Zirconia Stones

Show off your unique style with one of our stunning handcrafted personalised bracelets! Our talented..

£61.87 Ex Tax: £61.87

Personalised Rose Gold Plated 925 Silver 3 Initial Monogram Bracelet Anklet

Adorn yourself and your mother this special day with the everlasting symbol of your love - a Monogra..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Personalised Sterling Silver Heart Bracelet - Custom Gift for Women

Show your love and affection with this beautiful Sweet Heart bracelet. Our special design is confide..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Custom 18K Gold Plated Name Engraved Bracelet

Mom's gift-Monogram Bracelets is made from 925 silver, with a thickness of 2.3mm/0.09" and a bracele..

£63.90 Ex Tax: £63.90

Personalised 18ct Gold-Plated Monogram Initial Bracelet, 1.25 Inch

This spectacular monogram bracelet is the perfect gift for your special someone. Crafted from 925 st..

£57.62 Ex Tax: £57.62

Engraved Monogram Bracelet Gold Plated 1.6 Inches

This unique bracelet is perfect for Mom's gift. Crafted from 925 Silver with a thickness of 1.2mm/0...

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Customisable Classic Infinity Style Bracelet with Center Accents - Up to 20 Charms

Show your everlasting love with our beautiful personalised bracelets and bangles from our talented d..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Customize Engraved Double Infinity Bracelet

The Endless Double Infinity Bangle is an intricately handcrafted piece that is perfect for expressin..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Customised Birthstone Bar Bracelet with 1-5 Charms

Our team of design specialists, taken from some of the great fashion capitals of the world, have lov..

£58.23 Ex Tax: £58.23

Stylish Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet/Anklet

Show off your closest family members with our stunning Filigree Tree of Life Bracelet! Family tree j..

£40.35 Ex Tax: £40.35

Custom Engraved Infinity Bracelet/Anklet - Sterling Silver

Ready for any occasion and never go out of style, this classic bracelet is the perfect accessory for..

£49.55 Ex Tax: £49.55

Customised Washing Machine Jewellery Bracelet/Anklet

Show your affection and admiration with a special and unique Silver bracelet, handcrafted to order. ..

£46.52 Ex Tax: £46.52

Customised 18ct Gold Plated Name Bracelet with Carrie Monogram

This elegant 'Carrie' Name Bracelet is personalised with 18K Gold Plating to ensure it is of the hig..

£29.31 Ex Tax: £29.31