Personalised Necklaces

Our collection of personalised necklaces is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. Each necklace is crafted from the finest materials, including gold, silver, and platinum, and can be personalised with your own initials, names, or special dates. Choose from a variety of styles, including classic, modern, and contemporary designs, and wear them alone or layered with other necklaces for a bold and statement-making look.
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Personalised Double Heart Necklace Two-Tone in Gold and Silver

The heart is the historical symbol of love and it is at the centre of our life and our affections. P..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Personalised 3 Interlocking Heart Necklace Puzzle Set - Three Customised Pendants

Give a meaningful gift that will bring loved ones closer together and show them how much you care - ..

£79.89 Ex Tax: £79.89

Personalised My Family Tree Necklace - Two Tone

Elegant and endearing, the My Family Tree necklace makes the perfect gift for mothers, grandmothers,..

£55.62 Ex Tax: £55.62

Customised 18ct Gold Name Heart Necklace

Celebrate your name with this charming solid 18ct gold name necklace. Your name will be written in f..

£383.25 Ex Tax: £383.25

Personalised Birthstone Infinity Family Necklace in 18K Gold Plated

This exquisite 18k gold-plated Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace with Birthstones is an elegant way ..

£32.55 Ex Tax: £32.55

Engraved Dog Tag Baby Birth Info Necklace - 2 Pendants

This elegant sterling silver necklace comes with two dog tags: a larger one measuring 3cm x 1.7cm an..

£152.69 Ex Tax: £152.69

Personalised Engraved Baseball Dog Tag Necklace

This lovely Dog Tag Necklace is perfect for personalizing with your own message. Made of high-qualit..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Personalised Engraved Swarovski Heart Necklace

Love is in the air with the Swarovski Heart Necklace with Engraving. Inscribe the name of the person..

£35.19 Ex Tax: £35.19

Custom Engraved Double Name Infinity Symbol Necklace

This Infinite Name Necklace is made from 925 sterling silver, with a thickness of 1.2mm/0.047” and d..

£32.35 Ex Tax: £32.35

Personalised Montana State-Shaped Necklace with Heart & Name in Gold Plating

This beautiful 925 Silver letter necklace is just perfect for that special someone in your life. Wit..

£34.36 Ex Tax: £34.36

18ct Gold Swarovski Carrie Name Necklace - Plated

Adorn your personalised 18ct Gold over Sterling Silver (0.925) Carrie Style Name Necklace with a bea..

£60.57 Ex Tax: £60.57

Personalised Silver Mother Necklace with Kids' Birthstones

Mommy Jewellery presents this beautiful Mother Necklace crafted with 925 Silver. It features a charm..

£39.43 Ex Tax: £39.43

18K Gold Personalised Name Necklace

Engrave your name onto this lovely solid 18ct gold Classic Name Necklace. The lettering is made of e..

£261.90 Ex Tax: £261.90

18ct Gold Plated Couple Necklace Set: "He Who Holds the Key

This stylish Name Necklace/Love Necklace set is made from 925 silver with a single hook Rolo chain. ..

£56.62 Ex Tax: £56.62

Rose Gold Plated Old English Name Necklace - Mischa Barton Style

This unique Name Necklace is crafted with 925 silver, with a thickness of 0.7mm/0.027" and a pendant..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Silver Hand and Footprint Necklace with Moon and Star Charm

Preserve that special moment for that special lady with a sterling silver moon and star necklace. Pe..

£70.78 Ex Tax: £70.78

Custom Extra Stolen Heart Name Necklace

Our handmade jewellery pieces are crafted and designed with the highest quality materials. Our Sterl..

£39.44 Ex Tax: £39.44

Sterling Silver Customisable Carrie Name Necklace with Full Birthstone

Add a personal touch to your look with this 925 Sterling Silver Full Birthstone Carrie Name Necklace..

£76.84 Ex Tax: £76.84

Handprint Footprint Chains Butterfly Pendant Necklace

This stunning sterling silver butterfly necklace is the perfect gift for the special someone in your..

£60.67 Ex Tax: £60.67

Personalised Arkansas Map Pendant with Heart Charm - Rose Gold

This stunning 925 Silver Name/Letter Necklace is a perfect fashion statement piece. It features a 3c..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Custom Engraved Angels Heart Pendant in 18K Gold Plated

Our personalised handmade jewellery is exquisitely crafted with 18K Gold, an incredibly resilient an..

£69.77 Ex Tax: £69.77

Personalised Couples Dog Tag Necklace Set with Heart Cut Out

A stylish and meaningful gift for a couple - this romantic necklace set is crafted from 925 silver a..

£49.54 Ex Tax: £49.54

Luxury Gold-Plated Monogram Necklace - Perfect Personalised Gift

Get her something truly special with the Celebrity Cube Premium Monogram Necklace Gift - 18K Gold Pl..

£72.80 Ex Tax: £72.80

Personalised 4-Piece Necklace Set with 4 Interlocking Hearts

A perfect gift for connecting loved ones, these 4 pendants connect to form a heart. You have the opt..

£100.11 Ex Tax: £100.11

Luxury Name Jewellery Necklace with Feather Pendant

Our beautifully crafted Sterling Silver Feather Pendant comes on either a 16" or 18" medium weight s..

£100.11 Ex Tax: £100.11

Rose Gold Monogram Necklace with Engraved Letters, Vine Font Design

Presenting a special personalised Solid Rose Gold Initial Necklace, this charming jewellery piece bo..

£232.57 Ex Tax: £232.57

Gold Plated Personalised "I Love You" Necklace

Show your love and thoughtfulness with this beautiful name necklace! Crafted with 925 Silver, the pe..

£34.37 Ex Tax: £34.37

Personalised Infinity Family Names Pendant Necklace for Mom"

Show your love with this chic personalised necklace, crafted with 925 Silver and featuring a single ..

£48.53 Ex Tax: £48.53

Sterling Silver Swirly Monogram Necklace

This Swirly Initial Necklace, made of 0.925 Sterling Silver, is the perfect accessory for anyone who..

£39.44 Ex Tax: £39.44

Two-Piece Couple Necklace Set with Key & Heart Pendants

For the couple who are looking to express their love for each other and let the world know, the Key ..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Custom Hexagon Heart Puzzle Pendant Necklace

Give a special bond to all your loved ones with these 6, solid and thick 1.2mm pendants that can be ..

£144.40 Ex Tax: £144.40

18ct Gold Plated Customised Name Necklace "Sienna

This beautiful and sophisticated Name Necklace is crafted with 925 Silver and features Customisable ..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Personalised 18ct Gold-Plated Name Necklace in Karen Style

This custom name necklace is perfect for any special occasion & it comes with 18ct gold plating for ..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Custom Dog Tag Necklace Set - Silver Stolen Heart Design

All of our products are handcrafted and hand cut from the start, made with our own Sterling Silver m..

£69.77 Ex Tax: £69.77

Personalised Two-Tone Circles of Love Necklace for Teacher Gift

An intriguing design perfect for those with much to say is pendant is crafted in monel silver, with ..

£65.73 Ex Tax: £65.73

Engrave Your Pet's Name and Date of Birth on Custom Textured Silver Dog Tag Pendant

Get your name on the trendiest accessory this season with our personalised name necklace. Handcraft ..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Custom Engraved Script Name Necklace Sterling Silver

This popular Script Name Necklace is handmade with 925 Sterling Silver. Choose up to 8 characters to..

£30.62 Ex Tax: £30.62

Custom Engraved Heart Necklace for Kids

All our pieces are handmade and hand-cut from scratch, using Sterling Silver which doesn't tarnish, ..

£35.39 Ex Tax: £35.39

18ct Gold Plated Custom Monogram Circle Birthstone Necklace

This 18K Gold Plated Circle Birthstone Monogram Necklace is an exquisite piece of jewellery perfect ..

£53.18 Ex Tax: £53.18

18ct Yellow Gold Personalised Name Necklace

Personalise this delicate name pendant, made especially small with the name of your choice! It is ma..

£251.79 Ex Tax: £251.79

Personalised Rose Gold Plated Circles of Love Necklace

All of our jewellery pieces are made by hand and cut from the beginning with our own materials of st..

£69.77 Ex Tax: £69.77

Engraved Silver Guardian Angel Necklace - Personalised Gift

Our exquisite collection is crafted from Monel Silver, 18ct Gold or 18ct Rose Gold, and is guarantee..

£39.44 Ex Tax: £39.44

Gold Meteorite Necklace Ring - Plated

Meteorite Rings 5x15mm . 18  carat gold plated. Chain Length 40cm,  45cm, 50cm or 55cm. &n..

£91.01 Ex Tax: £91.01

Engraved 18ct Gold Plated Personalised Name Necklace

Treat yourself or your loved one to a special personalised name necklace! The perfect way to add a p..

£37.40 Ex Tax: £37.40

Personalised Three-Name Heart Infinity Necklace, 18ct Gold Plated

Fancy something meaningful yet stylish? Look no further, this Heart Infinity Necklace with 3 Names 1..

£50.51 Ex Tax: £50.51

Personalised Engraved Sterling Silver Vertical Multi Names Necklace

This stunning Letter Necklace crafted from 925 sterling silver chain of Rolo type with single hook h..

£29.83 Ex Tax: £29.83

Custom Engraved "Mother Forever" Rose Gold Plated Necklace

All our pieces are handmade and cut from scratch using our own materials: Sterling Silver which is n..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Personalised Mothers Necklace with Child Names & Birthstones 18K Gold Plated

Show your Mom just how much she means to you with this beautiful heart necklace. Crafted from 925 si..

£46.51 Ex Tax: £46.51

Personalised Sterling Silver Name Necklace - Custom Alphabet Pendant

This Sterling Silver name necklace can be issued with the name of your choice. All the letters are c..

£30.53 Ex Tax: £30.53

18ct Gold Plated Monogram Heart Necklace

Invest in this beautiful Single Letter Monogram With Heart Necklace In Gold. It has a pendant size o..

£35.38 Ex Tax: £35.38

Personalised Necklace with Crystal Birthstone Jewellery

There is no better way to show those near and dear to your heart than with a Personalised Necklace w..

£35.29 Ex Tax: £35.29

Personalised 18ct Gold Plated Mother and Child Necklace Set

This gorgeous two-piece sterling silver necklace set is the perfect way to express and commemorate t..

£75.84 Ex Tax: £75.84

Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Karma Dog Tag Pendant Necklace

Keep a special memory close with a set of 3 metal jewellery featuring an angel wing, a cross and a d..

£65.73 Ex Tax: £65.73

Personalised Rose Gold Plated Name Necklace with BANANA Font

Customise your look with this beautiful Name Necklace or Love Necklace, plated in 18ct Rose Gold. Ch..

£40.84 Ex Tax: £40.84

3-Piece Engraved Necklace Gift Set For Mom & Daughter - Personalised Message

The love between a mother and daughter is forever, and it can be easily seen with the Mother Daughte..

£101.02 Ex Tax: £101.02

18ct Gold Plated Baby Footprint Cut Out Pendant

This unique 925 Silver Name/Love Necklace features a 3cm/1.2" pendant with a single hook and a bead ..

£46.51 Ex Tax: £46.51

Personalised New Hampshire State Necklace with Engraved Heart Name in Silver

The New Hampshire State Charm Necklace is a statement piece crafted from 925 silver and featuring a ..

£33.36 Ex Tax: £33.36

Personalised Silver Heart Name Necklace - Double Plated Thickness Gift

Celebrate your name with this charming double thick solid Sterling Silver (0.925) necklace. Your nam..

£48.27 Ex Tax: £48.27

Personalised Name Necklace in Silver

This Name Necklace/Love Necklace is made of 925 Silver and comes with a double hook and cable chain...

£22.83 Ex Tax: £22.83

Sterling Silver Double Name Open Heart Necklace with Birthstone

Show your love with this unique Double Name Open Heart Necklace with Birthstone, crafted from Sterli..

£29.72 Ex Tax: £29.72

Love & Support Promise Necklace - Perfect for Expressing Your True Feelings

For that special someone in your life, look no further than our Always Be Here For You Promise Neckl..

£36.39 Ex Tax: £36.39

Custom Circle Initial Pendant Necklace

Our Silver Monogram jewellery is a popular choice for mothers, bridesmaids, co-workers, and anyone l..

£29.83 Ex Tax: £29.83

Personalised Tree of Life Necklace, 10-18ct Gold Plated

A cherished tradition is combined with this family tree-style pendant to create meaningful fashion. ..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Engraved Mother-Daughter Heart Pendants - Unique Jewellery Gift

There is no better gift for your mum than a special mother daughter necklace set - the Engraved Hear..

£80.80 Ex Tax: £80.80

Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Scroll Necklace

Keeping jewellery clean is key as it prevents skin irritation clients may experience. This Scroll is..

£146.62 Ex Tax: £146.62

Personalised 18ct Solid White Gold Plated Name Necklace - Paris Hilton Style

This Name Necklace/Love Necklace makes a wonderful addition to any wardrobe! It’s the perfect way to..

£35.99 Ex Tax: £35.99

Sterling Silver Family Necklace

Family personalised jewellery is the ideal way to express your feelings for your family, and the Fam..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Stylish Couples Necklaces with Two Hearts Beating As One - Perfect for a Special Occasion

Shine a light on your beautiful bond with this stylish pair of sterling silver dog tag necklaces. Em..

£141.57 Ex Tax: £141.57

Gold Plated Tree Necklace with Silver Initial Bird Charms

Show off your family tree in a fun and unique way with the Gold Plated Tree Necklace with Silver Bir..

£60.17 Ex Tax: £60.17

Personalised Sterling Silver Necklace with Kids Name and Birthstone for Moms

This beautiful and elegant necklace is crafted from sterling silver and features a single hook, rolo..

£36.39 Ex Tax: £36.39

Gold Silver Numbered Pendant Necklace

Our exquisite Number Necklace features a sleek and stylish cable chain with double hooks, crafted wi..

£45.49 Ex Tax: £45.49

Personalised Circle Heart Necklace - 18k Rose Gold Plating

At our store, all jewellery items are handmade and carefully cut from start to finish. We use our ow..

£59.66 Ex Tax: £59.66

Personalised Infinity Necklace with 3 Names in 18ct Rose Gold Plating

This exquisite Mothers Gift - Heart Infinity Necklace 3 Names Rose Gold is crafted from 925 silver w..

£50.51 Ex Tax: £50.51

Custom Engraved Sterling Silver Tag Pendant Necklace

This tag is crafted from 1.2mm thick silver and is 2.5cm long and 0.5cm wide. The cord measures one ..

£45.50 Ex Tax: £45.50

Customised Sterling Silver St Christopher Pendant Necklace

Make sure your jewellery stands out with this stunning pendant, measuring 1.8cm x 1.8cm and availabl..

£54.60 Ex Tax: £54.60

Personalised Name Pendant Set - Key to Your Heart Gift for Couples

Our Name Necklace/Love Necklace with Single Hook and Box Chain is crafted with 925 Silver and is ide..

£44.69 Ex Tax: £44.69

18ct Gold Plated Cut Out Heart Monogram Necklace

Spice up your jewellery collection with this gorgeous Monogram Necklace/Love Necklace. It is crafted..

£38.42 Ex Tax: £38.42

Personalised Silver Block Letter Name Necklace with "Jessica

Make a statement with a beautiful 925 Silver Name or Letter Necklace. This timeless design offers du..

£25.27 Ex Tax: £25.27

18ct Gold Plated Heart Necklace for Couples

Surprise your loved one with a personal gift by purchasing this classic 18ct gold over Sterling Silv..

£50.46 Ex Tax: £50.46

18ct Gold-Plated Personalised Initials Pendant Letter Charms

This pendant is made of 18ct Gold-Plated Sterling Silver (0.925) and comes with an 18ct Gold-Plated ..

£32.86 Ex Tax: £32.86